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My indian alias is Saiba Gote and my swedish Christian name is Göte Norberg. I’m from Dalarna, Sweden, and officially living in the city Falun, but as I’m allergic to electromagnetic fields I have to live in my camper van most of the year! During the last 12 years I’ve been using my house on wheels as my base while I’ve been visiting places all over the country to give therapy, consultations, courses and lectures.

I’m giving massage, healing, aura therapy and Detox footbath. I’m also doing energy balancing in homes and work places (from earth radiation, cell phone radiation, electricity, ghosts and other unwanted energies).

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My life took a new direction after a trip to India 2008. When I returned back to Sweden I started the relief organisation Saiba Gote, which I now run with the help of money gifts and from my own work as light and love messenger and from lectures and courses.

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Give yourself a unique silver jewellery!


The holy compass – The wheel of Life/The Guide

Get guidance to a richer life, find your true me and your true path of life through meditating over the symbols in this unique silver pendant. It’s designed by me, Saiba Gote, and is handcrafted by a indian silver smith.

Find more information here about the meaning of the symbols, about how I found them and how you can order the pendant.

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