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  • Name: Göte Norberg, alias Saiba Gote
  • Family: Seven great kids, now independent
  • Cell phone Sweden: +46-70-357 46 26
  • Cell phone India: +91-997 537 69 09
  • E-mail: saibagote@yahoo.se

Since the 80s I have been selfemployed, and have from the beginning of the 90s worked with alternative therapies and natural products. I’ve been a dowser since childhood and I frequently use this tecnique during my consultations.

I have good knowledge and experience in the following subjects:

  • massage
  • healing
  • aura therapy
  • contact with spirits
  • detox footbath
  • natural products
  • frequency therapi
  • energy balancing in homes and work places from earth radiation, cell phone radiation, electricity, ghosts and other unwanted energies
  • courses on dowsing rod and pointer.
  • lectures
  • consultations

Background: The tough school of Life

I have not always believed in ghosts and alternative medicine. But at the end of the 80s my body was knocked out by illness (for example Fibro myalgi) and the western medicine couldn’t help me, so I looked for alternatives and through that experience my wiew and knowledge started to change.

But it required many hard lessons:

  • 1992 Partial face paralysis.
  • 1996 High voltage electricity through my body, for example the heart. The heart muscles was burnt, the liver collapsed. The return back was long and very painful. I started to see and hear weird things: a field of light around everything (the aura), elemental beings, death people, beings from other worlds who spoke to me and showed me what to do to myself och to others.
  • 1997 Divorced. (Several other unhappy relationships have also helped me to be the one I am today).
  • 2003 Big car crasch. Injured neck vertebra, injured toracic vertebra, broken ribs, bones of the pelvis and shinbone. On top of that: a serious brain damage.
  • 2004 Again, high voltage electricity through the heart! This time ”only” 380 volt/16 ampere.
  • 2005 Suspected tumour in my head, for which I tried intensive alternativ therapy plus three weeks of intensive meditation all around the clock, which ended in an enormous headache and nosebleed. Then it was over! An X-ray could not register any trace of the suspected tumour!
  • 2008 I travelled to India and after a few months nothing was the same as before. I found my Heart there. I’m now Light and Love and with the help of that I mediate healing energies to fellow beings and creatures.

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