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The holy compass – The wheel of Life/The Guide

Get guidance to a richer life, find your true me and your true path of life through meditating over the symbols in those unique silver pendants. They are designed by me, Saiba Gote, and are handcrafted in 925 silver by a indian silver smith. The designs came to me during meditation and now I want to pass on its powerful symbols to you – as a compass and guide on the path of life.

Large: 40 mm in diameter, plus 10 mm holder (chain is not included).

Small: The pendant is also available in a smaller size, see the picture above:

Order by mailing me:

Tip: Put the jewellery in a jug of water over night and drink the water during the day. The silver ions convert the water to ”medicine”. The symbols of the pendant raise the frequence of the water – making it holy.

The significance of the symbols


The outer circle: The Mother, the earth, the world, universe, your life, you.

The beams between the heart and the outer circle: The Father, the sun.

The heart: The Love for yourself, the world, the universe.

The compass, the arrows with the four cardinal points:

  • North – the medicine, the healing (up)
  • South – the force, the knowledge (down)
  • East – the spirituality (right)
  • West – the dreams (left)

The cross, integrated in the compass: The faith, the faith in yourself, the spirituality, the religion.

The hub in the center: You/me*).

The Medicine wheel, the whole integrated into all symbols together (the hub, the cross, the compass, the heart, the beams and the outer circle): the choise of way, the guide, the wheel of life.

*) Wherever you are in the world, you are always in its center. Wherever you are in your life, you will always stand in its center. Everything is in contact, everything is one. All you give out comes back.

You stand in the center of the universe. You are a part of the universe and you have all possibilities to control it. Start with anchoring it all in yourself. Then choose which path to walk and change path whenever you want. You stand in the center. You have everything.

Nothing you have had or will have, either it being injuries, illnesses or bad relations, you cannot blame it on anybody else, because you are responsibile of it yourself. You have every possibility to get what you dream of or desire. It’s you who deside when it will happen.

The past is history now. So why waste time and thoughts on it? The future is coming up next. So why worry about it? It just steals your time and energy. No, live here and now! Live in the present!

Everything, yes all is happening here and now, and the best of it all is, it’s you who deside what happens in your life! You stand in the center, yes always in the center, and you have full control. Use it! Only then you are living your life.

Good luck!

Saiba Gote

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