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Since the 80s I have been selfemployed and have from the beginning of the 90s worked with alternative therapies and natural products. I’ve been a dowser since childhood and I frequently use this tecnique during my consultations.

Trained by my own experiences

I have experienced accidents, tragedies and illnesses and through thoose painful experiences I have learned how to avoid problems and how to heal myself. That’s why  I now have good knowledge and experience in the following subjects:

  • massage
  • healing
  • massage healing
  • aura therapy
  • contact with spirits
  • detox footbath
  • natural products
  • frequency therapi
  • energy balancing in homes and work places from earth radiation, cell phone radiation, electricity, ghosts and other unwanted energies
  • courses on dowsing rod and pointer
  • lectures on energies which affect health
  • consultations

Do you want my help? Call me or mail me.

  • Cell phone Sweden: +46-70 357 46 26
  • Cell phone India: +91-99 753 769 09
  • E-mail:

Description of the treatments:

  • Healing. I give healing to people, animals, plants, earth, yes everything alive, because everything lives.
  • Massage. Dissolves tensions and blockages in muscles. Releases the body from disturbing influences.
  • Massage healing. A combination of the two technics mentioned above. Gives the best result.
  • Aura therapy. Corrects inbalance in the energy field outside our physical body, also treats the corresponding blockages and memories in the body.

The treatments above is given individually and due to the needs in the present situation, depending of what is needed Here and Now.

  • Detox footbath is a very good complement to other treatments. It purifies the bloodcells in the body from breakdown and toxic products and restores the blood cells to full strength. The products from the purification process ends up in the water and can be interpreted, for exemple as indicating certain inbalances in the body.

Courses and lectures

  • Courses. On dowsing rod and pointer.  Teaches you to see the unvisible, healing technique and so on.
  • Lectures. On how energies, like radiation from cell phones, electricity and the earths energy net, affects health. Tip and advice on natural products. Thoughts on Life och Love, on how to find yourself, on what we look for. Opportunity to ask questions.

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