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A four month long trip to India 2008 turned Göte Norberg’s life into a new direction. He was deepley touched by the poverty in the small villages in the indian countryside and desided to do something to ease the distress, mainly among women, disabled people and children. He took money from his own pocket and traveled around in the villages and distributed food and school equipment. When the money was used up he returned home to Sweden and started to collect money for new aid tours.

He started the Saiba Gote Relief organisation, which has a special bank account for money gifts. All surplus from Göte Norberg’s own work is also put in to this special aid account.

The result from the first year as a relief organisation was so good that Göte could do a new aid tour at the end of the year 2008. During late spring 2009 he returned to Sweden and started to collect more money for a third trip to India!

How Göte became Saiba Gote

The indians gave Göte a new name, Saiba Gote, a very respectful expression in India, and he desided to use that name as the name of the relief organisation. The money gifts to the organisation is spent to 100 percent on food and school equipment. No money is used on transportation, administration or bribes. To that kind of expenses Göte uses the surplus from his own work as therapist, lecturer, consultant, and so on.

Read more about his work here >>.

Who is in need?

To that question Göte Norberg answers:

I just follow my heart and the result of that is that the aid primarly goes to poor people – women, disabled people and children.

Do you have questions about Saiba Gotes organisation or want to give support? Call him or mail him:

  • Cell phone Sweden: +46-70 357 46 26
  • Cell phone India: +91-99 753 769 09
  • E-mail:

If you live in Sweden you can support Saiba Gote’s relief organisation by putting in money to the following accounts:

  • Plusgiro 47 27 30-1 or
  • Bankgiro 299-0299

If you live outside Sweden, use this bank code to put money into Saiba Gote’s relief organisation:

  • SWIFT/BIC; NDEASESS IBAN; SE70 9500 0099 6042 0472 7301

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